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A Familiar Light Fixture

By March 18, 2011 2 Comments

On March 10, Design Sponge featured a book called “Undecorate: The No-rules Approach to Interior Design” by Christine Lemieux (founder of Dwell Studio).  Yes, it started a little rant in my head about the difference between interior design and interior decorating and how I really wish the titles were not used interchangeably, as decorating is only one of the many aspects of interior design, and though I’m all about breaking the rules of interior DECORATING, there are rules in interior DESIGN that are detrimental to the health, safety, and well-being of people and therefore should NOT be broken.  Okay, I’m stepping off my soapbox now…

The reason I’m posting this is because the floor lamp in this photo from the book caught my attention:

Does it look familiar?  Have you seen it before, maybe in my home?  Hanging from the ceiling (on a still-frayed cord) in my kitchen?
Yes, it appears to be a floor-lamp version of the exact same fixture!  How cool is that!  I wish I knew who designed it…

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