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An Interesting (and Inexpensive) Vanity Sink

By March 10, 2011 One Comment

I get many emails from cb2 about new products or sales, and I always open them because I love their stuff.  I was a little surprised today when I saw this photo showing off their new shower curtain.  Though the shower curtain is the main act here, I couldn’t help but notice the sink.  It appears that they have simply used their go-cart desk (only $149) with a couple galvanized buckets.  (We have this desk in orange and love it!)

I can’t say much about how it will hold up though.  I might put a glass piece over the desk to protect the surface from rust?  As for the buckets… I guess if they don’t hold up you can easily replace them and retire the old ones out to the back patio as planters or something.  

Note:  If ever doing something like this that will expose the plumbing beneath the sink, please pay a little more for the special finishes rather than using the plastic PVC.  It’s worth it!

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  • MikeM says:

    I really like the look of the open vanity like this. Now when we find a new desk, we can re-purpose our current one. 😀