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Coffee Tables on Casters

By March 17, 2010 6 Comments
A recent post about tables on casters on Desire to Inspire had me all gung-ho about a possible new DIY project.  I love the look of these tables, and they’re so easy to push out of the way, which in our case is important because our living room is also our workout room and the coffee table moves often (okay, maybe not as often as it should, as we’re not working out as often as we should). 

 Well, after pondering this DIY project, guess what?  I found the perfect table on KSL!  
This used Room & Board (I’ve always wanted to own something from Room & Board!) coffee table is perfect.  It matches our style perfectly, and does everything I wanted a coffee table to do (moves easily, cleans easily, and allows some display without cluttering the top of the table). 
So another DIY project gets crossed off the list. (Is it cheating if I bought the table rather than making it?)

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