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Compost and Kitchen Design

By August 9, 2012 3 Comments

Since I don’t really have the extra space in my yard for composting, I was excited to hear that Salt Lake City now allows compost items in the yard waste bins.  Which got me thinking about compost bins in the kitchen…

There are several ways to store compost scraps in the kitchen, some more basic, and others pretty complex.

Countertop Containers
The best compost-specific containers will have a filter and some sort of ventilation.  These are 2 of my favorites:

Or you could go cheap and make your own, especially if it’s just going to be stored in the cabinet under the sink
In-Counter Compost Storage
Both Rev-a-Shelf and Blanco make a built-in countertop compost pail.  

Drawer Compost Bins

image from gardenweb
Base Pull-Out Bins
Since these tend to be a little bigger, meaning you’ll be tempted to empty them less frequently, it’s especially important that they have lids.
image from gardenweb

Composting Machines
This machine by Nature Mill has 2 chambers.  Add your scraps to the top chamber, and the unit will mix, heat, and aerate the waste, then transfer it to the bottom tray, where you pull it out – it’s ready to use as compost in less than 2 weeks.

This unit doesn’t seem to be available yet, but the concept is intriguing so I thought I’d share.  According to Apartment Therapy, this device dries and pulverizes food waste into a non-smelly powder.

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