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Concerts in the Shower

By November 19, 2012 One Comment

Apparently the folks at Kohler are all about singing in the shower.  As I recall, they were one of the first to introduce sound integration into the shower with their DTVI & DTVII controls, which allowed you to control music, light, and water from a single digital control inside the shower.

Then, a couple years ago, they introduced their VibrAcoustics bath line, which incorporates into the tub a “soothing sound vibration technology that resounds throughout your body to relax and calm you like never before.”

And now they’ve come out with the Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker.  A showerhead and integrated removable speaker that syncs to your media player via bluetooth technology.  

There’s a great video I wanted to embed, but it wouldn’t let me do so without automatically playing, and I hate when a website plays videos without prompting you first.  So instead of embedding the video, here’s the link.

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