DIY Inspiration – Future Stair Project?

By February 26, 2010 One Comment
This is what our staircase looked like when we bought the house.  Since then we’ve pulled up the carpet runner and painted the walls (we’ve painted ALL the walls seen here – no more orange sherbet or mint green!).  Now we’ve got these beautiful wood treads, but UGLY risers full of staple holes and cracked wood.  I think the cheap luan they used to cover the risers would need to be replaced, and that just seems like way too much work, so I started wondering if wallpaper might conceal some of these flaws.  Not that wallpapering would be an easy task, but I do think it would look pretty frickin’ cool! 
Shawna’s stairs, from Door Sixteen, using Ferm Living Bindweed wallpaper
from Sugar City Journal, using a fabric pattern printed on regular paper, applied with Mod Podge
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