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I so want to copy this backsplash!

By March 18, 2010 6 Comments

I’ve seen this application before, but never done so well.  Check out the far wall – the marble backsplash is actually 2 marble panels that slide back and forth to conceal or expose the spice rack shelves on either side of the range.  How cool is that?  (Click on the link for a closer more detailed photo)

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  • Paul Anater says:

    How does De Giulio do that? I've never seen one of those sliding stone panels in person. Have you?

  • Nicole says:

    No, unfortunately I haven't seen it in person, nor do I have an answer regarding how De Giulio does it. I have to imagine it's some sort of metal track, similar to the bypass shower door tracks. Though a metal track might get pretty dirty over time, especially being so close to the cooktop surface. Not quite sure how to address that.

  • Paul Anater says:

    I've done similar sliding doors over a counter using Hafele guides but attempting it with a piece of stone that has to weight nearly 100 pounds mystifies me. How do you get it to glide and feel weightless? How can it not fall? I will be in Chicago next month and believe De Giulio's showroom is my first stop!

  • Paul Anater says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere by the way. I just added you to my blogroll. Do you use Twitter? It's a great way to commune with other K&B bloggers.

  • Nicole says:

    Please report back to me if you figure it out! And thanks… I've been reading so many other blogs for so long I figured it was about time to just dive in and become a part of it all. It's been fun! I'm sorta on twitter (as in I have an account but haven't done much with it). I'll focus on that soon, I promise.

  • Anonymous says:


    This can be done several ways. One is like you said with a track system top and bottom, but if you notice on the enlarged photos in the link there is no track on the counter. If I was detailing this out I would have the counter extend into the spice rack area and install a small metal post, detail a groove in the bottom of the slab that is to slide, and use a sliding door system similar to this ( This will allow the sliding door to be attached at the top only, and have a "guide" with the post inside the carved channel of the marble door. Also the recessed door pull looks like it came from Hafele (

    Jason Van Noord