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I’m Going to Fashion Week!

By January 25, 2012 5 Comments
Jason Wu runway image via Condo Blues

For the last couple years I’ve been reading about design bloggers going to New York City for Fashion Week courtesy of Brizo Faucets, and I’ve been jealous.  A glamorous all-expense-paid trip full of fashion, design, and a LOT of talent?  Who wouldn’t be jealous of that?  Well, guess what?  In a couple short weeks, I’m going!  Thanks to the recommendation of Paul Anater over at Kitchen and Residential Design, Brizo has invited me to be one of the 20 designers/architects/bloggers attending Spring 2012 Fashion Week.  In googling around a bit, I’ve discovered the names & profiles of some of the other guests, and I have to say I’m truly humbled.  I’m going to be surrounded by some incredibly talented and successful people, and I can’t wait to soak it all in.  I realize I’m likely a last-minute add-on, but I just don’t care.   To be associated with this group of people in any way at all is flattering beyond belief.

Floriano, image via

This is such a great opportunity, and though Brizo is paying for the whole thing, they are NOT buying my support.  I’ve always loved their product and their philosophy.  I was first introduced to Brizo back in DC, and I immediately loved the Floriano faucet, simply because it was so different.  (In fact, I bought it for my own home as soon as I had the chance.)  I wish I could find the brochure from that time, because I distinctly remember the marketing literature featuring fabrics with this faucet design, and fashion mixed with faucets throughout the piece.  Since then Brizo has expanded beyond brochures, and they’ve partnered with designer Jason Wu.

images via

Brizo sponsors Jason Wu’s runway show at Fashion Week, and Jason Wu designs collections for Brizo.   Design is art, regardless of the medium, and I think that’s represented perfectly in this relationship.

image via

And now I get to see it all in person.  Wow!

image via

I’ll have a lot to share with you all in a few weeks after what will have been an amazing experience!

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