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It’s About Time

By June 10, 2010 No Comments

Once in a while I get the urge to post about specific products.  This has nothing to do with sponsorship or anything of that nature (after all, I only have 16 followers so I’m not high on anybody’s sponsorship list!).  I post about these products because I like what I see, and I like the design behind it.  

So today I’m posting about a new tub from Kohler, the Expanse bath.  You know the bowed shower curtain rods that were a big trend because everyone wanted more elbow room in their bath tub?  The idea was great, though often awkward because the shower curtain still had to drape inside a rectangular tub to prevent puddles of water on the floor.   
The concept seems so simple, yet it’s taken this long for someone to finally come up with a bath tub that follows that same train of thought.  Kohler’s tub fits in a standard 5′ bath alcove (assuming this standard will accommodate a 32″ wide tub rather than the older style 30″ tubs).  There are so many times I’ve been limited by the size of the existing alcove, and this offers another option for people who like to soak.  Finally!
The only limitation?  I’ve yet to see a curved glass shower door, so you’re stuck with a shower curtain for now.
And to top it all off, for those of you who love baths, they’ve also introduced a closing overflow drain.  If you’re in the business, you may know the little trick many of us have used to allow clients to have a deeper bath… installing the overflow upside down to allow for a couple more inches of water in the tub.  The drain gives you the option to close the overflow when bathing so you can fill the tub as high as you want!  Probably not recommended for kids’ baths…