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Living Room Progress

I was going to wait to post pics of our finished living room, but realized it might be years before I get anything posted at the rate I’m going.   So here is what our living room currently looks like:

Things to do:
1.  Finish the gallery wall (i.e. add art to the frames)
2.  Make throw pillows, with the following fabric I have from Tonic Living:
Bella Porte, Citrine 
(yes it’s the same print as Gate Citrine from Robert Allen for Dwell Studio)

Flatiron, Black

Stanford, Orange
3.  I have to do something about that ceiling fan…
Though it’s unfinished, here are a couple photos of the various phases this wall has gone through since we bought the house.  I need this as a reminder of how much we actually have accomplished.
when we bought the house…
after a fresh coat (or several coats) of paint and some major cleaning (before the nasty carpeting was torn out):
the ksl sofa find I HAD to have, and grew to despise shortly after:
just a few weeks ago, gallery wall in progress:

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