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 Metro bench by Avi Meir using reclaimed lumber

I’ve been searching for modern benches for a client’s entryway, and I love what’s out there right now!  And thanks to etsy, a lot of it is handmade and unique.   And many pieces represent a story, about a craftsman or an artist or a small business, or maybe even a bit of history.  Essentially, these are all functional pieces of art, not just furniture.  I thought I might share some of my favorites here.

The Evolution Benches by Blue Boat Home Design.  I love them even more because I met the artist, Joe Norman, in the middle of nowhere, while biking the White Rim last summer in Canyonlands, UT.  The wood is refurbished from old shipping pallets, and the ends are actual decommissioned aluminum bomb fins.  The images cut into each end are “symbols that resonated with a way people could interact with each other that would be more productive than the current status quo of political, religious, class, gender, and economic division and antagonism.”

The Botanist series benches by Orange22 are made from recycled aluminum and are available in several sizes and colors, with different cut-out options.
This Botanist Minimal bench is also by Dario Antonioni of Orange22.  These benches are constructed from sustainably harvested poplar with engineered veneers (walnut or rift oak).  I love the slim lines, but I also love how this product came about.  Inspired by the above botanist bench, this wood version was proposed on and received funding for production from people in the kickstarter community. What a fascinating site!  Check it out here.
And this bench is made from cardboard!  AND it’s a DIY project on Instructables!  Find out how to make your own here

The Slip Square bench, found on, is by David Hentzel of Special Project Division in Seattle

This Folded Plane bench is by the same artist.  I love the custom aluminum Kerf plates at the corners.

Simply Italian has reinterpreted the classic George Nelson platform bench, and it’s beautiful.
Scrapile is the brainchild of 2 artists in New York.  They use woodworking scraps to create these incredible benches and tables.

This simple bench from Mash Studios is constructed of English Walnut

This bench is by Adam Hogsett of Richmond, VA.  The wood is reclaimed railroad ties from the Richmond area.

Another etsy bench, by Elpis and Wood, using reclaimed pine.  I love these pieces that mix rustic / reclaimed with modern / industrial.   

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