More Backyard Progress – We Have Grass!

By June 3, 2011 2 Comments

Slowly but surely our backyard is starting to look like a backyard.  There’s still a LOT of work to do, thanks to the cold and rainy weather that has kept me from working on it much.  But at least we now have grass.  AND sprinklers.

When we bought the house, our backyard was covered in asphalt, which we attacked with a jackhammer.

Then last summer we built a cool planter box / retaining wall, with the intention of getting sod shortly after that. 
Well, the sod never happened last year.  And I got really tired of all the pawprints around the house due to the dogs running around in dirt & mud all day.  So this Spring the lawn took priority!  
In order to keep a nice lawn looking nice, it needs to be watered.  And since we are both terrible at remembering to turn the sprinkler off or on, we figured an automatic system was critical.  So that came first:
Tearing up the yard for the sprinkler system made it look worse than ever!
The sprinkler system was finally in place (I think every Lowe’s employee now knows who I am because of all the trips back & forth), and it was time to order the sod.  After an exhausting day of blood, sweat, and tears, and with a lot of help (thanks Flo!), we now have green grass.  
AND we have a means of keeping the grass green with our new sprinklers!
Whew!  I can’t imagine doing all of this in a normal size yard.  Our tiny yard is enough for me to handle!
Next step:  Planting the veggies and getting the patio ready for summer.

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