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By April 12, 2011 4 Comments

I’ve been seeing a lot of symmetrical geometric prints framed and hung in groups.  People are especially loving this set of 6 from Crate & Barrel:

Others find that $ 369 is just too much to spend right now, and have been going about getting a similar look in more creative ways, such as framing 60-cent pieces of colored craft paper in Ikea frames:
But I just discovered Sprik Space, where the wonderful Aimee offers free downloads of geometric patterns in several different colors.  

The patterns she offers include Circles, Leaves, Grid, Chevron, Diamonds, Houndstooth, and more.
She then recommends getting them printed on 12″x12″ size from Costco for $ 2.99 each, and framing them in Ikea Ribba square frames at $ 17.99 each.   If you follow these instructions, a set of 6 costs only $ 125.88!
She also offers other great downloads in various color options, great for nurseries, gallery walls, craft rooms, etc.  Just a few examples below:

See more at Sprik Space, under the Freebies tab!
See an earlier post for more downloadable artwork from Feed Your Soul.

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  • MikeM says:

    Nice! I love the white frames with white matting of the craft paper group from Young House Love. The contrast between the white and the paper is awesome.

  • laurenjm(t) says:

    Mike? Are you being sarcastic? You're a Young House Love junkie?

  • Nicole says:

    I'm pretty sure today was the first time Mike has ever looked at Young House Love. And I'm also pretty sure he's wondering why I've been stressing over our sofa wall for almost 2 years when I could have just done something cheap and simple like this. 🙂

  • Aimee says:

    Thanks so much for the kind feature! Be sure to send me photos if you ever print these up for your own home. 🙂