More Outlet Fun

In a world where everything and everybody needs to be plugged in, welcome U-Socket, “the outlet of the future”.  This thing was a hit at KBIS.

It installs like a standard outlet, but includes USB outlets for charging the multiple devices we all depend (too much) on.

The best part:  The built-in smart sensor can detect required wattage and only outputs the power when it’s needed.  If your phone isn’t plugged in to the cable, or if it’s fully charged, no energy will be wasted.  

Available in standard or decor style.  Colors include white, almond, ivory and wood (I imagine this could be painted or stained?).  It’s a great solution for home offices, kitchen command centers, and bedrooms charging stations.

And for those who are REALLY connected, they even have a 12-in-1 cable, which sorta makes me chuckle about how ridiculous we are with all our devices.

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