My “Grown-Up” Living Room Rug

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Our Previous Rug:

We had our old living room rug for almost 3 years, and though I love the FLOR product, there are a few things that weren’t working for us:

1.  Most noticeably, solid & light colors do not work at all when they are in the traffic path of the dog door.  The white is now more of a light brown color.  And the yellow just looks bad.

2.  The size was actually a bit small, and made the seating area feel small, despite the pretty big room size.  Yes, I could have ordered more tiles, but considering the abuse the existing tiles were getting from the dogs, I didn’t want to spend the money on more carpet for them to destroy.

3.  Though the colors were fun, they were a bit trendy.  I still love yellow and gray, but I feel that love already starting to fade.  And we had all these geometric pops of solid colors, but nothing really bringing them all together.

Well, yesterday I had an ASID meeting at Regency Royale, and Kathy Emery took some time afterwards to show me some rugs they’re getting ready for a big clearance sale.  She specifically pointed out this one (knowing my size and general color requirements).  While it’s not my typical style of bold/defined geometrics (see pillows), I fell in love.   After bringing some finish swatches in to the showroom to make sure it worked, I bought it and they delivered it today.

It fits the room so much better, plus it gives it a warm and grown-up feel that I just wasn’t getting before.  

It’s more classic than trendy, so I’m hoping I love it for years to come.  And since it’s good quality wool, I expect that we’ll still have it for years, despite the dogs.  

P.S.  Do you see the little preview of our TV wall?  That “little” project was my birthday gift from my husband, but we’re not quite finished (i.e. floating shelf is crooked and needs to be fixed) so I’ll have to wait a bit longer to show it to you all.  

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