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New Artesio Kitchen from Poggenpohl

By June 6, 2010 2 Comments

I think my favorite thing about Poggenpohl is their ingenuity.  They are always looking for new ways to define the kitchen and integrate it into the home.  The new Artesio kitchen, designed by Hadi Teherani, carries it one step further.  This kitchen, in usual Poggenpohl form, goes beyond just the cabinetry, and that’s what I love.  The look obviously won’t work for many of our homes (though I bet it would if we did have a home like those shown on their site – tall ceilings, open plans, and tons of windows!)

Notice the big box-like structure that forms an arch connecting parts of the kitchen?  This is more than just architectural.  It’s the power management area, which includes lighting, electrical, and audio system options.  It also contains the display area glassed in on 3 sides with LED lighting on top.  There are various bottom inserts available for this display area so it can serve many different purposes, whether storage or display.

The wall systems are integrated with the cabinetry.  Another thing Poggenpohl really does well that we kitchen designers should pay attention to is their use of the backsplash area.  Rarely do you just see decorative tile – Poggenpohl recognizes the potential use of that wall and offers accessories like shelving and other organizational systems, all built-in and flexible as a part of the kitchen.  Note the horizontal stainless steel accent strip that also serves as a power strip and mounting plate for wall-mount faucets.

The design carries through to the dining furniture and beyond, again focusing on the integral role the kitchen plays in the home.

I think I like the ideas here more than the actual kitchen (though the kitchen itself is beautiful too). The idea of integrating the kitchen, so the line between cabinetry and everything else becomes blurred, is a great concept.  And adding decorative/architectural details for practical purposes like power, storage, and lighting is ingenious.

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