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New Trend – White Appliances?!?!

By July 27, 2012 6 Comments

By now you may have already seen House Beautiful’s 2012 Kitchen of the Year.  And if you haven’t seen it, you must go check it out, NOW.  See it here.

Aside from it being yet another amazingly beautiful kitchen by my favorite kitchen designer, Mick DeGiulio (whom I’ve written about several times before), after I got over the overall fabulousness of it all, my next thought was “Whoa – hold on, I see white appliances!”

Take a look at the collection along the right wall.  It’s the new Whirlpool Ice collection, and it’s pretty sexy, huh?

Does this mean white is making a comeback?  Does stainless steel finally have some competition?  I’ve seen other attempts at white appliances, but they haven’t been a part of the “Kitchen of the Year”.  
If white appliances can look this good, I’m all for it.  What do you think?

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  • That's funny Nicole because the white appliances were the second thing I noticed (after the countertops of course!) when I looked at these pictures. At first I was confused, I thought I hated white appliances…but I liked them. After a minute though I realized I REALLY like them.
    Do you think anything will ever bump stainless from their spot on top?

  • Hi Steph! I think white done right can be huge competition for stainless. People still hate the fingerprint issue, so I really think that white with style (like the stainless handles and gray accents on this series) can make a comeback. It requires the right style and color combinations throughout the kitchen, but I love it. I've seen attempts in the past. Bosch had a great white/stainless range, and AGA has a line of appliances that give white a retro/vintage flair. So there have been hints of possibilities. But this is more of a BAM – in your face approach by Whirlpool, which I'm thinking may guarantee the success of this concept. Maybe. Hopefully.

  • When I moved last year, as I was thinking about what to do with my kitchen, I emailed a designer friend and asked if I was "allowed" to want white appliances (he said "Of course!"). I'm so glad about this!

  • Aimee – I expected you'd go for a robin's egg blue or canary yellow refrigerator? White – too boring for you. 😉 Actually, there's also a white Fisher Paykel unit that has a little vintage look to it for a good price that I've used before…

  • So far I know white is a color of peace and elegance but it's also fact that its maintenance of quality and durability are really tough. Because white reflects the dirt and stain too much and easily but yet there several ways to keep it clean as you mentioned stainless handles and some prefer leather and covers because it's easy to clean.

  • I guess I am a sucker for trends but I love the look. A slick white with stainless accents is a nice change and I think it looks great with all the white kitchens that are so popular these days.