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Norwalk Fabric & Design Trends, Part 2: Luxury Neutrals

By November 5, 2013 No Comments

I recently did a guest post on Utah Style & Design about upcoming fabric & design trends from Norwalk Furniture, presented by Caroline Hipple and Dixon Bartlett of HB2.

There were 5 trends presented.  I highlighted them in my guest post (see it here), and I’m elaborating on each one separately on my blog, with images of furniture examples produced by Norwalk.  

My last post was about the “Black is Back” trend.  The 2nd trend presented is “Luxury Neutrals”.  

Luxury Neutrals

“For ever action/trend there is a polar opposite reaction.  In start contrast to Norwalk’s black and white Urban Studio, our Luxury Neutrals collection offers an understated, restful, and reserved palette of sophisticated base and accent fabrics.  Natural linen and platinum toned fabrics are distinguished by the use of complex yarns and weaving techniques, yet remain restrained in pattern.  Luscious velvets, metallic fibers, and chintzed finishes add a sparkle and polished luster to this chic yet serene decorative approach.”


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