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Norwalk Fabric & Design Trends, Part 3: Drum Beat

By November 8, 2013 No Comments

I recently did a guest post on Utah Style & Design about upcoming fabric & design trends from Norwalk Furniture, presented by Caroline Hipple and Dixon Bartlett of HB2.

There were 5 trends presented.  I highlighted them in my guest post (see it here), and I’m elaborating on each one separately on my blog, with images of furniture examples produced by Norwalk.  

I’ve already posted about the “Black is Back” and “Luxury Neutrals” trends.  The 3rd trend presented was “Drum Beat”.  

Drum Beat

“From the great American southwest to the plains of central Africa, the echo of ethnic tribal patterns and themes has never been more prominent.  Animal skin layouts remain at an all-time high in popularity, while mud and kuba clothes, indigenous rug designs, sophisticated quilting and matelasse texturing with dense natural fibers all add a rich touch to this motif.  Deep chocolates and mineral greys ground this decidedly earth toned palette, while native clay and dusty Prussian blue add a restful complement to this timely decorative theme.”


Next post:  “Tongue-in-Cheek Chic”