Take a look inside the condo remodel that is nearly completed!  
Before & After photos say it best, so here you go:
Main view from foyer – BEFORE
Main view from foyer – AFTER
Simply removing that kitchen wall made the condo feel 10x bigger.
Fireplace – BEFORE

Fireplace – AFTER
We resized the fireplace so the firebox was centered in the surround.  It looks much bigger even though the firebox is in the same location (raising the firebox was easy, but moving it left or right would have been much more expensive), and is now more centered on the sitting area (furniture is still in the works).
Kitchen – BEFORE
Kitchen – AFTER
View into Foyer – BEFORE
View into Foyer – AFTER
Master Bathroom – BEFORE
Master Bathroom – AFTER
We reconfigured these walls a bit so the vanity would be part of the bathroom rather than the bedroom, and the closet is now bigger.  We also got rid of all the funky angles here for a much cleaner look.
Guest Bath – BEFORE
Guest Bath – AFTER
There are still a few items to finish, including furniture and accessories.  I hope to show more photos of the furnished space (including bedrooms) once that is all completed.
This has been a really great project to be a part of.  My client loves color and appreciates natural materials and textures, so I’ve had the opportunity to be a little more bold than usual here.  The contractor, Bruce Anderson, from Blue Willow Builders, has done a wonderful job and has a great team of guys that are fun to work with.   I wouldn’t hesitate to send anyone to Bruce for remodel or new construction projects.  All the beautiful cabinetry, doors, trim, and fireplace mantle, were designed and built by Chris Peterson at Riverwoods Mill.  Chris has a great eye for detail and it has been a pleasure working with him on design specifics.  Other key players are Cora from Ferguson, Kathleen at European Marble, Terry from Foremost Interiors, Jayson from Kupferschmidt Electric, Tony from Workman Floors, Keene from Mountainland, the staff at Light Spot Modern Design, and many others.  Having a good team makes all the difference in the world!

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