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The Biggest Single Line Item of Any Project…

By March 16, 2011 No Comments

I just read an interview with Mick De Giulio in an old issue of “Renovation Style” magazine (Summer 2010).  If you read my blog regularly, you know I pretty much idolize this guy.  In fact, let me post one my favorite kitchens ever here (yes, I know, I’ve posted it before, but it’s just SO beautiful!):

Anyway, I fell in love with his response to the question, “What’s worth the splurge?”

“It’s worth the splurge to do what you want.  The biggest single line item of any project can be regret.  You regret that you didn’t the get cabinet you loved or the range that you loved.  When you’re done, the kitchen is an expensive room at any level.  If you are not entirely happy with it, then that’s expensive.”

How true!  I understand that budget is important, and you can’t have EVERYTHING you want, but when you find that ONE item that you absolutely fall in love with, whether it’s a piece of furniture, or an appliance, or a countertop, or a cabinet style, figure out how you can make it happen because the worst possible outcome is that you go through the entire design & construction process, just to step back and say “Hmmm… it’s okay, but it really would have looked great with that Calcutta Gold countertop”.  As a designer, if my clients have these types of regrets at the end of a project, then I haven’t done my job properly.  Part of my job as a designer is to help clients figure out what the key elements are, and what we have to do to make them attainable.

(All kitchens shown here by Mick De Giulio)