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The LeMans – My Secret Ingredient

By February 17, 2012 No Comments
detail photo from this kitchen remodel

I’ve been working on a more in-depth post about my recent trip to NYC for Brizo Fashion Week, but in the mean time, I wanted to share one of my favorite kitchen cabinet corner solutions – the LeMans.

I was somewhat surprised to learn that the above photo gets re-pinned on pinterest more than any other photo from my blog.  I guess people are fed up with “blind corners” (the term for these corner cabinets that involve getting on your hands & knees in order to reach way back into that abyss that things like unused wedding gifts eventually end up lost in).  
I’ve been using the LeMans system in kitchens for several years now, yet every time I start discussing it with a new client, I’m surprised that most of them haven’t heard of it yet.  It usually takes a little bit of pushing to convince them that it’s worth the price, but in the end, that’s one of the things they MUST show me once I come over to see the finished project.  
Case in point:  I stopped by a project in progress yesterday and my client was excited to show me her LeMans.  I can’t wait until this project is finished so I can show more photos – it’s beautiful!
Usually I refer clients to this video, as seeing the LeMans in action is usually what sells them on it.
There are other corner storage options out there, but for blind corners, this is my favorite.