A Different Sort of Design Project

By July 28, 2011 3 Comments

Life is good these days.  I have some wonderful clients, and I’m giddy with excitement over our Coffee Talk seminar series (the next seminar is August 13!).  I’m also planning a wedding.  This all contributes to my lack of posting as of late.

Our wedding is a lot like any other design project in the sense that we need to convert a space into something different.  It’s a unique challenge because it’s a temporary space that needs to be constructed and torn-down quickly, with minimal waste.  And we’ve got very little money or time to work with.
Since the wedding planning is one of the factors keeping me from blogging, I thought I might just share just a few of my inspiration photos (many of which are from JL Designs – she does AMAZING wedding work!).

Main ideas: 
Chocolate Brown & Pear Green
Green & White floral
White vases
White Paper Lanterns

(source unknown)

 Our wedding is going to be at a covered picnic area.  While the location is beautiful (in a canyon very close to our home), the picnic site is simple.  I think this could be so much fun if I only had more time to work with.  Instead, this may become more of a “shoemaker’s kid” type project – I think all my creativity will be focused on my clients rather than my own projects.  
Wish us look – we have 2 months to go!

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