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Cabinet Hardware Dilemma

By August 13, 2010 One Comment

Our kitchen cabinets don’t have any hardware.  Sometimes in kitchen planning, doors and drawers are back-beveled or routed so hardware isn’t necessary, but that’s not the case in this kitchen.  For a year now I’ve been stressing about finding the right hardware.  Here’s the problem:

(our current kitchen, still without a finished tile backsplash)

As you can see, the cabinets and doors are very traditional.  Not to mention UGLY.  But replacing the cabinets (or even painting them) just isn’t going to happen as soon as I’d like.  The traditional style and exposed hinges (not even sure what color to call that – dirty bronze maybe?) make it pretty much impossible to use the more streamline modern stainless pulls that we are typically drawn to.  I love modern pulls, but they’d look terrible in this kitchen.

I finally found hardware I like, that I think will look good enough in this kitchen.  These are from the Mirada collection by Jeffrey Alexander (by the way, this is a great line to look at for affordable hardware options that don’t scream Home Depot).  They have softer yet modern lines, so they work with the door style, and the finish (called Bright Nickel Brushed with Dull Lacquer) actually works really well with the exposed hinges.

All the pieces are sitting in a bag on the countertop.  I have high hopes for installing them soon, though I’m guessing they’ll remain in that bag for quite some time due to all the other projects to finish up on our list.

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