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DIY Project – Bulletin Board

This bulletin board was super easy to make, and cheap too!  I bought a really ugly oak-framed print from the D.I.  (Deseret Industries, our local thrift store) and a used corkboard.  I removed everything from the frame and spray-painted it black.  I then removed the corkboard from its original frame and cut it to fit my new black frame.  I ironed my fabric piece (this one from JoAnn Fabrics) and glued it to the corkboard.  (I used Mod-Podge but ended up with a little bit of wrinkling, so I might recommend trying something different, maybe a spray-mount?)   This is so much more fun than a boring ol’ cork board!

And yes, I have the same screensaver that everyone else in the design blog world has.  Find it here.

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