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Kitchen Remodel – Concept to Completion

By January 31, 2013 4 Comments

Kitchen designers can work in non-traditional ways.

Last summer I was referred to a family who had recently purchased a new home. They loved the home but despised the kitchen.  They consulted with me to come up with a new design and help with finishes.  From there, the client took over and managed the rest of the job themselves.  While this isn’t the standard way of working, and playing your own general contractor can end up in disaster for many homeowners, they pulled it off.  I stopped by to see the kitchen last week, and it turned out great.

Here’s what the kitchen looked like before (they had just moved into the home the day before these photos were taking – nothing was unpacked yet):

I proposed reorienting the kitchen to make it more functional and more open.  We looked at several options, and eventually settled on this design:
With this finish collage:
The rest was up to the clients.  
And, with a few changes and plan evolution, this is what they ended up with:

These are obviously not professional photos, and I didn’t take time to stage the space (hence the ladder in the foyer!), but I think the final product looks great and I’m so excited for my clients and their new kitchen!

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