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Let’s Talk More About White Refrigerators

By September 20, 2012 One Comment

I recently posted about the Whirlpool Ice collection, featured in the House Beautiful 2012 Kitchen of the Year.  And then I thought I had the chance to use these appliances for a project, but unfortunately their limited models available in this finish did not include a slide-in range, convection microwave, or a cabinet-depth bottom-drawer refrigerator.  I understand that they can’t offer everything in this finish until they get a better sense of how it might sell, but I am pretty surprised they don’t offer the slide-in range.  (Whirlpool noted my comments on Twitter and said they’d pass my input on to the powers that be, so that’s nice.)

In this quest for white appliances that don’t look like they belong in a rental apartment, I’ve been surprised how few options there are, especially considering how easy it would be to just add that extra touch of style.  Even just replacing the standard white handle with a stainless or chrome handle (or perhaps even brass?!?) would make a huge difference!

Here are a few of the refrigerator options I’ve found.  If you know of others PLEASE let me know!

The 2 models from Whirlpool Ice:

AGA has a good option, with a vintage flair:
And I just discovered this new Retropolitan model by Big Chill:
And then there’s this Fisher & Paykel model, which I thought wad discontinued but just found it on their website.  It may not look as stylish as the models featured above, BUT it was a great space-saving option at a fraction of the price of the others.  I used this refrigerator several times in smaller kitchen remodels, both in white and stainless.
And another Fisher & Paykel model that I hadn’t seen before, and may love even more!  Note that both these Fisher & Paykel units are just under 33″wide.
Do you have other stylish white refrigerator models that I might be missing???  If so, please share!

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