I am so fortunate to have have been called to work on this project, because I FINALLY got the chance to use Walker Zanger’s Skyline Blend tile (a tile many of us designers drool over).  Not only did I get to use this tile, I got to do an ENTIRE wall of it.  AND I got to specify 3-form, AND a linear drain, AND beautiful linear gray tile, AND amazing light fixtures, AND beautiful faucets.  And to top it all off, the clients are the nicest people you’ve ever met (and their kids are adorable!).
The previous bathroom was nice, in a high-end spec home kind of way.  But the closets were too small, the designated tub area was way too big, and the finishes didn’t have a lot of personality.  My stylish clients (seriously, they have great tastes) wanted a larger closet, and a bathroom more fitting to their daily needs.
They began the process with architect Hans Hoffman, who gave them a few great options for reconfiguring the master suite.  Then they consulted with a few contractors, including Bruce Anderson from Blue Willow Builders.  Bruce suggested that they call me to help with the details and finishes.  From there we tweaked a few things in the layout to maximize space in the bathroom and closet, and after a lot of work to make everything fit (without an inch to spare!) the clients now have a wonderful suite that looks AMAZING!

There are so many great things about this bathroom and I just don’t have time to write about all of them, so a bunch of pretty pictures will have to suffice.  But PLEASE ask if you’re curious about any of the specific products or anything else in this remodel.

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  • Elly Rivera says:

    love the tile, faucet, awesome bathroom design! I WANT that whole bathroom as is..thank you very much! Great Job Nicole!!!