My Blogging Absense

By March 26, 2013 No Comments

Sorry folks.  I haven’t been blogging much at all.  There’s a reason:  I’m taking the NCIDQ exam next month.  For those who don’t know what NCIDQ is, it stands for “National Council for Interior Design Qualification”.  Per their website:

“Interior design requires specialized expertise and skills that are distinct from those of other building and design professions—encompassing everything from choosing safe indoor materials and furnishings to ensuring compliance with building codes. By setting the bar for professional competence and administering the NCIDQ Examination, NCIDQ identifies for the public those interior designers who are qualified to design and execute interior spaces that protect the public health, safety and welfare. In fact, 27 U.S. states and Canadian provinces require the NCIDQ Certificate in licensing and regulating the interior design profession.”

And while I feel that I’m very qualified to do what I do, this exam focuses on a lot of commercial aspects of interior design, which I haven’t dealt with much in my career, as well as a lot of textbook practices that aren’t necessarily real-world scenarios.  So in many ways I’m relearning everything I learned in college (that I don’t currently practice).

So, bear with me, and please wish me good luck!  I’ll be back in May once all parts of this exam are over (and hopefully you’ll see me before then, as I have a lot to share, just no time to share it.)