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Plumen Light Bulbs

By July 2, 2013 2 Comments
I loved the idea of Plumen CFL bulbs the moment I saw them.  And then I bought some for a great price on, even though I didn’t yet have anywhere to put them.  Soon after the purchase, our ugly dining room track light (don’t judge – it came with the house) broke and gave me a new opportunity.  I got to design our new dining room lighting around the light bulbs.  
I wanted to show off the bulbs, but I wanted something a little more finished than just the bare exposed bulbs.  The Industrial Glass Pendant from West Elm was just what I needed (at a great price too).
My handy husband relocated the wiring so we could hang the 2 pendants exactly where I wanted them.  My camera doesn’t show them well when lit, but I love the sculptural look and the new dimension they add to our dining room.  This is the view when you first walk into our home (okay, in reality the dogs are usually jumping and barking and spinning in circles), so it was important to make a good first impression:

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