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Simple Human Products I Love

By February 28, 2012 2 Comments

This is not an advertisement, nor is it sponsored by simple human.  (Though if they were to contact me offering to give me free stuff, I wouldn’t turn them away – hint, hint!)

I’ve had a thing for simple human products since I first used their wastebaskets several years ago.  Yes, everything they offer is rather expensive compared to other items in the same category on the market.  I can hear your thoughts now…. “What, 200 bucks for a trash can!?!?”  While their products are not for everyone, I will say that in my experience, they make these mundane items like trash cans and laundry hampers the best they can be, and from my own experience plus reading their online reviews, they are worth the extra money.

I like the quality, and I like their ingenuity.  They take items from other manufacturers that we typically hate (like shower caddies), and they make them better.

Some of my favorite items that they offer:

Fingerprint-proof stainless steel trash can, $199.99 – $249.99. Fingerprint proof.  Comes with charcoal filters for odor.  10-year warranty.  Smooth-operating parts.  Basically, they’ve addressed everything you can think of that you’d typically hate about a trash can.

Tension Shower Caddy, $ 129.99.  Rust-free, attractive, and strong.  Read the reviews – almost everyone who bought one unsuccessfully tried cheaper models first and find this one worth every penny.

X-Frame Laundry Hamper, $ 79.99 – $99.00.  I’ve used this in a project before, as I was doing a high-end condo renovation and needed a modern hamper to fit in a specific closet cabinet, so my options were limited.  I must say, it’s a great-looking quality piece!  Removable (and washable) bags with handles.  Keeps laundry well-ventilated.  Folding frame.  Sturdy construction.  Modern style.  Again, all reviewers rave about the product.

Compost Pail, $ 59.99.  Looks good.  Sealed bin.  Easy-carry handle.  Charcoal filter absorbs odors.

Toilet Plunger, $ 24.99.  Not something you’d consider a home decor item, right?  This reviewer says it perfectly:  “For something that I generally despise (a toilet plunger), both for looks and, well, if I have to use it, this is the best looking, best designed toilet plunger ever. It is sleek and discreet, and I love that you can use the base with handle as a drip tray. Another distasteful part of plunging – what to do with the plunger when you are done. This way you can carry it drip free to the nearest faucet to rinse out without worrying about dripping on floor or carpet or the toilet itself. If you get anything from Simple Human, get this.”

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  • Kevin Nowak says:

    I need that compost pail and I needed it yesteday!

  • I love Simple Human!
    I have the garbage can and I've LOVED it. It's weird how much one can love a garbage can. 🙂
    I didn't know about that hamper and now I'm really regretting spending $60 for a similar one at Target that I hate.
    Great post! I'm really enjoying your blog. Aimee Clements told me about it.