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By May 24, 2012 3 Comments
Sunrise on the North Rim
I spent last week traveling around Southern Utah and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (and then a quick trip back to Michigan for a wedding).  This is why you haven’t heard from me in a while.  As you can see from this view, I had a great excuse to not be working.  (If you ever get the chance to head to the Grand Canyon, I suggest finding Crazy Jug Point in Kaibab Nation Forest for primitive camping.  This view was just a few steps away from my tent!)
Taking a week off always makes the following week that much harder.  Which means I’m thrilled the holiday weekend is approaching, because I need another vacation!  
I thought I might recap the progress on a few of my projects this week:
Glass was installed in the custom door / window systems in an office project:
Countertops & glass backsplash installed in a kitchen project (see it here):
Custom bedroom set was delivered to a site:  
(This set is beautiful!  It’s figured mahogany, and just stunning.  Will post more pics once the room is put back together.)
I finally got a photo of this custom hutch in its new home:
And I’ve done some very basic design schemes and budgeting for a new office project:
Aside from that I’ve measured for a new kitchen remodel project, committed to a small office renovation consult, shopped for rugs, furniture, and lighting with a client, and drawn more custom furniture designs.  It’s been a busy week!   As silly as it sounds, I’m excited that I have NO PLANS for the holiday weekend (except for a really long bike ride), and I can finally get caught up on yard work.  

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