before and after

Duplex Remodel – Before, During, and Present

Well, it sure has been a while since I’ve posted anything here… Here’s why:

This little guy is almost 3 months old, which means my wonderful yet exhausting maternity leave is nearly over! 
The other reason I haven’t been posting:  Our remodel.  I’m calling this post “before, during, and present” rather than “before, during, and after” because we’re not quite to the after part yet, and I’m not sure when we will be now that there’s a baby around.  But I didn’t want to wait 5 years before posting anything, so I’m showing you where we’re at right now rather than waiting for perfection (which realistically will probably never happen).
I tried to track progress with photos taken from the front door throughout the project.  Take a look, and scroll to the bottom to see the mostly-finished product!
Wall Demo:
Arch Demo:
Demo mostly done.  New walls framed:
Drywall / Plaster patch: 
Wall paint done:
 Patio door installed (we obviously did this in the wrong order!).  Prepping for 1st coat of ceiling paint:
Toothing in and refinishing hardwood floors:
Floors done and protected.  Prepping for 2nd (and 3rd and 4th!) coat of ceiling paint:
Paint done.  Cabinets & trim installed:
Countertops installed.  Appliances delivered.  Believe it or not, this was the morning of moving day:
End of moving day:
*I will get better photos of this later, as this is pretty poor quality / color.  The back door lets in so much light that it’s hard to photograph during the day!